10 Fun Fundraising Days Left

Only 10 days left on our Kickstarter Fundraiser, please help:
We are at $7,222 and need to reach $9,000.  If not, we get no money.  So please spread the word and help out if you can.  Thanks to the 52 backers that have gotten us this far.

We are excited to hit this goal because that’s when all the fun begins.  Digging in the dirt, building beds, playing with the dirt and planting the 1600 starts we have going right now!  We have a bunch of classes from NAU, ASU, and NPA that will be joining us this spring and summer to help volunteer and we hope to bring out more school groups in the fall.  The goal of this project is to demonstrate that we can change the way food systems work and by doing that, we can make less of an impact on the environment.

Click on the link, donate, and choose an incentive.  Name a chicken, name a raised bed, or come stay at the EcoRanch.

We need NAMES!!

We need NAMES!!

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