Chicks today – bees tomorrow


  • We hit $8,442 on our Kickstarter…only 6 more days!  So close and so ready to get digging and prepping the raised beds.
  • 15 baby chicks arrived today and are extremely cute…or delicious if you are Nova the dog.  She didn’t eat any yet, but certainly wants to.  Thanks MaryAnn and Michael for the donation of chicks.


  • Two truck loads of leaves, sticks, and shrubs people were throwing out will be buried in the ground to create swales to slow water runoff, increase infiltration, and reduce our use of ground water.



  • Professor, friend, and Honeybee Teacher will be helping us install our queen and bee package from BeeWeaver Apiaries.  We are starting them in Cornville at MaryAnn and Michael’s place and will let them build their hive in a warmer, less windy place with more pollen available.  We’ll bring them up in late June or July.







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