Internship Opportunities

Internships are great ways to take ownership over a project and get a hands on experience.  We offer a wide range of internships for students seeking credit as well as independent learners looking for new experiences and life long learning. If you are interested in working for us as an unpaid intern, please download the application below and send it back to us with a resume or CV.  Interns generally work 10-20 hours a week depending on the project and schedules.  Contact us with any questions you might have.  Please note that you should apply at least two months prior to the internship period you are interested in and we will notify you if you are selected at least one month before the internship period starts. To learn more about past internship projects, visit our Interns and Capstone Students page. We look forward to working with you!

Internship Application – 2017

Expectations of Flagstaff EcoRanch Interns:

  • Maintaining effective and timely communication with any Flagstaff EcoRanch employee, representative, and/or volunteer, or during any interaction with a potential collaborator including but not limited to any business, organization, school, or individual while working on this project.
  • Maintaining a professional attitude and demeanor when representing the Flagstaff EcoRanch, working in the Flagstaff community, or interacting with others online.
  • Develop a functional work timeline taking into account your work/course duties or outside obligations.
  • Follow all Flagstaff EcoRanch rules and regulations if and when on site.
  • Collaborate with current interns or volunteers on EcoRanch processes.
  • Transportation required.
  • Honest, flexible, creative, self motivated, able to ask questions, communicative, timeliness.
  • Complete the goals of the internship to the best of your ability.