Many Thanks

Many thanks to all the people who have helped this dream come to fruition and for those that will help in the future.  You can donate to the Flagstaff EcoRanch at PayPal below:

9/17-12 to 4/21/17 – Total Hrs volunteered = 9,719!

  • Family and friends – all your support, patience, and advice
  • Lynn Meilander – help and guidance acquiring the property
  • WWOOFers – all you do and all the great stories
  • Farms I have WWOOFed on – I have learned so much about culture, people, and developing my own sustainable, living farm (Padma Farma – Petr Patka; 4 Hearts – Vlad; La Farfalla – Matias, Marianna, Juan Pablo; Granja Tia Nora – Pedro and Luciana; Patagonia Adventure Expeditions – Jonathon Leidich; Brotes Nativos – Leticia and Rapa)
  • Cody Canning – help getting the EcoRanch established
  • Anna Canning – getting the Facebook pages established
  • Rosemary Logan – getting me connected with many supportive individuals in Flagstaff
  • Flagstaff and its amazing counterparts and community members – in establishing this project I have met many of you to discuss local agriculture, sustainable ideas, and the vision for this project – Foodlink, Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, Willow Bend, Flagstaff Community Market, SEDI, NAU – CRAFTS, U of A – Master Gardener Program
  • Chris and Corrin Kalinich – donating food for the WOOFers and volunteering their time
  • Volunteers – donating their hard work, sweat, and time
  • Ledbetter Law Firm – pro bono work for incorporation and 501 (c) 3 filing
  • Peggy Pollack and her Sustainable Botany Classes – designing and building a hoop house for the winter
  • Todd Cislo – helping the above class in planning and designing and coming out to the EcoRanch to oversee the install
  • Hattie Braun – awarding the EcoRanch a $75 scholarship to attend the Arizona Highlands Garden Conference
  • ASU – for getting me connected with the internship program in the Barret Honor’s College as well as the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport, and Energy
  • Grand Classroom – being supportive of this project and wanting to bring student groups to the EcoRanch to learn about sustainable living and science
  • Les Meilander – donating a snowblower and tools
  • Mary Ann and Michael – donating 9 chickens, their feed, and a waterer
  • Sammy Sam and Gina Capra for donating $50 Home Depot gift card
  • VeloComposting program at NAU – truckload of compost
  • Mick’s Tree Service – truckload of wood chips
  • Pay N Take – coffee grounds
  • Ryan and Cheridyn Egan – $50 donation
  • Michael Metherell – $200 donation
  • Kara Holzmiller – For her 5 months of hard work and dedication as our first intern
  • Merintha Pinson – For her hard work helping design a permaculture site plan and her long distance internship out of Arizona State University and Barrett Honor’s College
  • Sierra Ferguson – dedicating numerous hours creating and editing our Kickstarter fundraising video
  • Environmental and Social Change Class at NAU – helping film our Kickstarter Fundraising video
  • ALL OF OUR KICKSTARTER BACKERS!!!!  Thanks for getting us to $9500!  Raines Cohen, Maggie Sheehan, Kate Bradley, Charlie Moon, Mindy Bell, Carol Covington Bousquet, Candice T Yatsinko, Susie Cordek, Anna Canning, Joe Davidson, Lynn Meilander, MaryBeth Petesch, Patrick Wren, Adam Taylor, Avri Ben-Hamo, Carrie Calvin, Kira Ben-Hamo, Cerissa, Kiersten Wilber, Marilyn Gauntner, Kara Holzmiller, Connie Holzmiller, Dan Holzmiller, Chris Kalinich, Evelyn French, Cody Canning, Grand Classroom, Marlane Spencer, Ryan Matthew Egan, Mike McDonald, Jonathan Netzky, Ashley Mackenzie, Conserve School, Mary Higgins, Elizabeth Taylor, Liz Krug, Marjorie Tuttle, Chris Holcomb, Brian Clopp, Mbybee, Tyler Wenzel, Maryann Canning, Suzanne Horst, Rachael Greer,  Rachel Koch, Nicole Greiner, Mueller Hsia Family, Uli Kindermann, Mary Cira, Alissa, Lee Canning, Regan Genevieve Emmons, Thomas Byers, Henry and Pammy Schemper, Allison Baker, Adrian Stone, Lindsay Walker, Les Meilander, Ryan Lesniewski, Marion Houghton, Abigail Jayne Wellumson, Barbara Austin, Anticonventional-counterstatusquoadian, Chip Currie, Andrew Arminio
  • Safeway – $25 gift card
  • Sam’s Club – $25 gift card
  • ASU Barrett Honor’s Sustainability Club – a weekend of volunteering
  • Jojo Salay – weekly volunteering
  • NAU Sustainable Botany spring 2013 class – 75 person hours of volunteering digging two beds, a hole for a water barrel, and finishing one 60′ bed.
  • Natural Grocer’s – $25 gift card and 150 reusable bags to pass out to our volunteers and school groups
  • Upward Bound students – 222 person hours raking needles, planting, digging, soil testing, calculating available lumber from trees
  • Katie Reed for contributing and raising awareness about our project
  • Coconino County for working with us and all the assistance in our permitting needs
  • NAU Lumberjack for the publicity
  • AZ Daily Sun for the publicity
  • Carpe Diem
  • Eager NAU Students
  • Hermosa Vida and Kilip Elementary
  • Local Alternative
  • Flagstaff Foodlink and Terra Birds
  • All our continued help from interns and capstone students
  • Community volunteers who continually come out to help and get their hands dirty
  • All the journalism students who interview us and help promote our mission
  • Arizona Green Living Magazine
  • Flagstaff Foodlink for the $500 Grower Grant in 2017
  • WWOOF for the $2000 grant in 2017
  • All the teachers who bring students out to tour and get involved
  • All of our Airbnb guests who help support us

2 Responses to Many Thanks

  1. Anonymous says:

    So glad that Grand Classroom recognizes the importance of your project and is putting EcoRanch on its itinerary. Hope that this year’s SoCo group gets to visit, even though Frank and I won’t be chaperoning.

  2. Doug Weinkauf says:

    This is a great place to stay if you are going to the Grand Canyon. They are very hospitable and caring. There are great sunsets and sunrises with mountains and forests around the area. I would highly recommend this place for anyone staying in this area….Doug

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