This page is always under construction.  We are slowly adding examples of curriculum and activities that you could use in your classroom.  Please keep checking back as we update past lessons or contact us with ideas that we could help you with in your classroom.  If your course requires volunteer hours, we love the extra help so please contact us.

Choose Your Own Healthy Eating Adventure – 2019

This ppt is an interactive lesson on healthy eating. You will be asked questions about nutrition topics and then choose an answer to see what you know. Each answer is full of information so ultimately, even the wrong answers will help teach you how to make healthier choices. This curriculum was designed by our intern Christina Vu and is geared towards a high school or introductory college course.

1. Choose Your Own Environmentally and Economically Friendly Adventure

The interactive worksheet has not been uploaded for this lesson.

2. America’s Relationship with the Environment

Some parts of this activity have not been uploaded.

3. Trash Collection Lab

Trash Presentation

The following websites were developed by Adam Wymore, PhD candidate at Northern Arizona University and one of the National Science Foundation’s GK-12 grant fellows with some assistance by cooperating teacher Jeff Meilander on the Climate Curriculum.  Both websites offer teachers free access to high quality, peer reviewed data and graphs.  Each figure includes a summary, the take home point, and ways to use them in class.

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