Advisory Board

After regrouping for the last year, the EcoRanch now has an advisory board to help us brainstorm and propel us forward.  Read about who has offered their valuable time and energy to our organization.


Dr. Aaron J. Tabor completed his Ph.D. in translational biological sciences at Northern Arizona University. He completed his commercial biomedical Post-Doc training synthetic blood clot design for neurovascular work.  Dr. Tabor’s instructional background in higher education spans approximately fifteen years. He currently holds a full-time position at Coconino Community College (CCC) and adjunct faculty position at Northern Arizona University (NAU) along with the Bioscience instructor for the iCREATE grant through CAVIAT school district. His most recent academic accomplishments include 2x nominee for full-time faculty of the year at CCC, adjunct faculty of the year, STEM City Teacher of the Year nominee and the “Positive Experience” instructor which is recognized by The Office of the Vice President at Northern Arizona University.

His research interest includes the use of autologous blood products and other novel techniques for acute and chronic wound healing. He has worked on numerous industry driven projects that dealt with cosmetic procedures, wound healing, cardiovascular studies, strokes and catheter redesigns. He is currently the minority owner and the Scientific Advisory Board President for a start-up company called BioFlow LLC. He owns his own consulting business, Tabor LLC. and he has worked by consultation with many clinicians at Flagstaff Medical Center, Barrow Neurovascular, Physical Therapy offices and beyond. In this translational field Dr. Tabor has numerous publications and peer reviewed textbooks and articles. Dr. Tabor aspires for his researches to one day translate to the bedside to improve the quality of care for all patients.

Outside of his academic and research responsibilities he serves on the STEM CITY Board of Directors as the President of the Board, Victim Witness Services Board of Directors, and is on Flagstaff EcoRanch’s Advisory Board. He is very passionate about sustainability efforts and enhancing our community through non-profit organizations. He has just recently been accepted to the 2018-2019 Flagstaff 20 under 40 class and is also a part of the 2018-2019 Flagstaff Leadership Program (FLP). He is happily married to his wife, Aubrey and they both love adrenaline based activities including TOUGH MUDDER runs and together Aaron and Aubrey head up a Gracie/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school. Aaron and Aubrey have a “Brady bunch” family always keeping the home energetic and exciting!


Britton is the Founder and Director of the AZ-based non-profit Terevaka, which over the course of 15+ years, has provided intensive university-level experiential curriculum for more than 200 local high school students on Easter Island, Chile. Britton’s work in education, conservation, and sustainability stems from a BA in mathematics (Claremont McKenna College) and a PhD in anthropology (University of Hawai’i at Manoa). His archaeological research on Easter Island has been published in books, journals, newspapers, and magazines around the globe. Britton is also a full-time Senior Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at Northern Arizona University, where he teaches intro-level archaeology courses and upper-level computing courses.


Karin Wadsack serves as a project director for NAU’s School of Earth & Sustainability, managing a number of research and outreach initiatives. Her primary focus is on renewable energy policy analysis and electricity grid modeling research. She teaches courses on energy resources & policy and climate adaptation in the NAU master’s program in Climate Science & Solutions. Prior to joining NAU, Karin taught construction and managed rainwater harvesting projects as a United States Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia and worked in system design and installation for a solar and wind company in Ohio.


Megan is a Flagstaff native. She completed her B.A. in International Relations and Russian Language in the Pacific Northwest, but quickly returned to her roots in Flagstaff. Under beautiful desert skies, Megan spent several summers guiding for Grand Canyon Youth, a non-profit in Flagstaff she was involved in when she was a youth. Now, she is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of Grand Canyon Youth’s mission as the Flagstaff Program Director. She enjoys helping her groups and schools foster an environment where youth can break free from societal pressures and labels and truly be themselves.

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Barbara Ann Heerkins, born and raised in Flagstaff and northern Arizona has provided a unique perspective as a local and a college student as I pursue my degrees in biology and secondary biology education. It is very important to me as an educator to teach applicable skills and mindfulness of climate systems, food systems, and health. After sailing and doing research in the south pacific on accelerated climate shift and diabetes, I hope to pursue a graduate degree in nutrition and public health at NAU. Working with the EcoRanch is a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the education and growth of local, nutritious, and sustainable food right here in my hometown.


Jackson Carranco – Science Educator & Community Outreach Organizer. Offering time to the organizations and projects I believe in is an important part of my life; the Flagstaff EcoRanch is a perfect example.  I’ve done it all on the Ranch from harvesting potatoes, to helping the Meilander’s disassemble a yurt, working with local students, and now assisting as part of the advisory board.  Outside the Ranch, I enjoy the simple beauty of life and am working towards a creative career in secondary or higher education.  I’ve gained much more working with the Flagstaff EcoRanch than I could hope to contribute, and I highly recommend that anyone curious send a quick email and ask how you can get involved.

Dr. Peggy Pollak – NAU

Dr. Alison Adams – NAU

June Milich

Nina Schmidt – Sustainable Building Program – Coconino County