Moving? Looking to Fight Hunger?

I received some great news the other day.  One of our Airbnb guests arriving in March works for an organization called Move for Hunger.  They connect people who are moving, who usually throw away a lot of food, with local food banks.  They also run food drives, have races, offer internships, and have tools for hunger advocacy.  Here is a good article on childhood hunger from their website.

As some of you know, my parents started a franchise of Two Men and a Truck back in Cleveland in 1993. From age 13 to 24, my job was working for the moving company.  Early in it’s infancy, my parents would call me in sick to school because we didn’t have enough people to work or someone wouldn’t show up.  But as we grew, I was “forced” to attend school…ugh, how could they do that to me?  But I would work on weekends, over the summer, on spring and winter breaks; pretty much any free time I had and I have seen first hand the amount of stuff people throw out, food included.  I’m happy to say that Cleveland Two Men and a Truck has been registered with Move for Hunger in the past but currently participates with Movers for Meals among other community service programs.  If you’re planning on moving, look for companies who work with Move for Hunger or partner with organizations that help communities in need.

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