Carbon and Water Offsets

Hi Everyone.

As 2016 winds down, I hope you have all considered offsetting your carbon and water use for the year.  We use Terra Pass and just offset 27,000 lbs of carbon for transportation and home electricity use and 37,500 gallons of water.  Here is a great description of carbon offsets, here is a link to the carbon calculator to get you started, and finally here is a link to the water offsets.

We all make impacts to the planet, and buying these offsets doesn’t excuse those impacts, but it does make us more aware of what we use and what we waste.  Adding economic incentives can help reduce our overall consumption while making positive impacts to the planet, businesses, and the people that are a part of both.  We hope that you can reevaluate your carbon and water use going into 2017 and try to reduce your use each month compared with your use in 2016.


Carbon Offset Certificate


Water Offset Certificate

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