Thanks to the Sustainable Botany Class

Yesterday I gave a presentation to Dr. Pollak’s Sustainable Botany course at NAU about WWOOFing and the influences it had on the development of the EcoRanch.  The students asked a lot of great questions, then we spent a few hours in the Shand Garden, the experiential garden the students run, weeding,watering, and picking cherries, raspberries, kale, onions, and garlic.

Today, those same students visited the EcoRanch and toured the site.  After the tour, we cleaned the chicken coop, tested our soil moisture levels, turned the compost, and watered.  We ended the day with a delicious raspberry/cherry crisp, yep the same fruit from the Shand Garden, while enjoying the view of the San Francisco peaks.

Thanks for the conversations and the hard work.

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