Row Covers and Barn Improvements

Thanks Hermosa Vida for helping us acquire the materials needed to protect our plants and our tools!

DSCN4646 DSCN4658

The row cover offers about a 7 degree buffer from outside temperatures.  This addition to the beds will extend our growing season on the tail ends while offering protection from frost and hail and can be used as a shade cover during June.

20150807_13330220150807_133438 20150807_133235DSC_0005

We replaced the rotting, 25 yr old plywood on the sides of the barn (you can see what to old barn looked like), repaired the rainwater catchment system, and then restained the whole thing.  We added some windows to reduce our electricity dependency and with some leftover money, were able to put in an automatic chicken door that opens and closes with the solar cycle and automatic chicken feeders.

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1 Response to Row Covers and Barn Improvements

  1. Connie says:

    What great improvements, Jeff. Will be thinking about you and your ecoranch while at the sustainability fair today.

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