Our Bees

We  went to Cornville to check on the bees yesterday…no honey but lots of worker brood.  They looked healthy but might have swarmed at some point because the hive was a lot less populated than at the end of the summer.  We were able to get some empty comb that was damaged and crossed from last season so we might make a candle or two.  We also harvested some propolis, so making a tincture will be today’s project.  Left them some food so hopefully they will be good and happy.  Thanks bees.

We’re getting ready for the Spring…although it seems like its already here.  Flagstaff Foodlink and the CSA starts program will be growing nearly 650 starts of kale and basil for us plus the additional share of veggies, and what we put in with seed.  Kelsey, an ASU student intern is creating a gardening layout plan for us and she will be here June through August to manage, care for, and increase our production from last year.

We are getting ready for our bed building day April 12th from 9-4, to kickoff our new collaboration with Hermosa Vida. We will build 5 raised beds, have a couple workshops, and a potluck lunch with live music from Thomas Byers Guitar Studio.  Come on out and get involved.  We will be joined by students from Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, and Northland Preparatory Academy as well as WWOOFers and other community members.  Bring some food scraps to compost, learn to compost, share your knowledge with others, but most importantly, help contribute to the local food network here in Flagstaff.



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