Fall = Leaves = Compost = Food = Yum

The leaves are starting to fall off around here and we’ve been out scavenging…maybe you noticed your bags of leaves by the street mysteriously disappearing!  We will gladly take your leaves (no pine needles please…we have enough of those) and use them to make new soil and improve our existing soil.  If you would like to drop them off and visit that would be great.  If you are near downtown, we can occasionally come by and pick them up, usually T/Th or the weekends will work, just send us an email and let us know where they are.  This organic material will go into 5 raised beds we will build this spring in a  collaborative effort with Hermosa Vida and the Flagstaff CSA to grow healthy, sustainably grown veggies for lower income families in Flagstaff.

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1 Response to Fall = Leaves = Compost = Food = Yum

  1. Been chipping/shredding everything I can get my gloves on for days. Covering all veggie/flower beds with a nice thick layer and then let the worms take over to create new, healthy soil. Ahh . . love fall!

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