New Updates

This week we have June water data and photos for you.  We sent out all the Kickstarter incentives, so if you do not receive yours, please email us asap.

We had two great photographers, Chris and Trish, stay with us in the bed and breakfast and we swapped a couple of free nights for a photo shoot of the ranch.  Check out the Flickr account to the right for all the photos and then check out their websites!  Very extraordinary photographers.

Chris Van Doorn

Trish Odorico

A few here to tickle your fancy:

HungryNova_TrishOdorico(web) NightPeaks_TrishOdorico(web) _MG_3383_WEB ChickensWideAngle_TrishOdorico(web) _MG_3514_WEB

Since our last freeze (crazy mid June freezes) many of the plants are recovering quite well and some of the squash is even shooting out new buds.  We’ll see if they have time to recover before it gets really cold again.  Since then we have put up 3 new hoop houses which helped the other day deflect the hail that accompanied our monsoons (YAY they are here!!!!!) and we will be adding 4 more in the next couple of weeks.

DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003

The greens are thriving and it has been nice to run down to the garden to make fresh, crisp, healthy salads with dinner.  We are also diligently working away to become GHP/GAP certified so we can sell wholesale…that is if everything continues with the success we have been having recently.

Water Data

Monthly SavingsStandard vs Sustainable

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