A delayed update

Howdy everyone.  Hope summer is treating you and your gardens well.  It’s been a while since we updated you on our progress…mostly because we have been making so much progress outside.

Over the past few weeks our WWOOFers; Lindsay (Phoenix), Travis (California), Mary (All over) and Sasha (Moscow) have been extremely helpful keeping plants growing, the soil wet, and projects moving forward.  Cedar (an intern from NAU) has been advancing with the grey water system from the washing machine.  This project will help return 36 gallons of water per large load into the soil to irrigate the upper field.  The berms that were installed this year will help filter the water and allow it infiltrate deeper into the ground.  Alicia and Sam (interns at NAU) are collaborating on root cellar designs and different options for the EcoRanch.  We hope to have this project done by the end of July so we can store onions, carrots, potatoes, and radishes this winter….that is if we don’t eat them all by then.


We had our first sprinkle yesterday and I could hear it pouring into our rain barrel…WOO HOO…the monsoons are hopefully around the corner!  WATER!


On Wednesday, Upward Bound students visited and spent the day working on projects around the house.  The groups raked leaves, helped install grey water pipes, weeded, took soil and water tests, calculated the amount of lumber we could get from 21 trees, planted squash and beans around the corn, planted marigolds for pest reduction, bake bread, and helped prepare the outdoor shower area.  After a break for lunch, students spent an hour reading on the porch and then we revisited each group’s project.  Students described their project to the class and explained how it pertained to sustainable living or agriculture.  It was great to see them making connections between work and sustainability and to realize how important healthy food, soil, water, and resources are to keeping a healthy self.

Lastly, the Kickstarter incentives are almost ready to be sent.  The chickens are named, signs have been hung, and the magnets and t-shirts are here.  We just need to finish processing some photos and get addresses from everyone (if you haven’t sent us you email as a donor, please do so, we want to send out your goodies).   Once all the incentives are ready to be sent, we will post photos on the website so please keep checking in.

Come on out and visit if you get a chance.

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