WE MADE IT!!!! $9,000!!!!

The summer will now be packed full of excitement and work!  WE MADE IT!!!  WE HIT $9,000!  Thank you all who helped out financially and by word of mouth.  We hope you can make it out throughout the summer to see how the project is developing and keep following us on our website to see updates and photos.  The ASU Barrett Honor’s Sustainability Club will be up this weekend volunteering and will be the first to break ground for these raised beds.

Thank you everyone for understanding and appreciating the mission of the EcoRanch and for helping us make social change in Flagstaff!!!

Below are some photos from yesterday while hiving the bees.  Patrick Pynes, Honeybee Teacher, came and assisted us.  The bees are gentile, happy, and making themselves a home.  We need to check on them next week to be sure the queen is doing well, but so far it looks like they are off to a good start.


Leveling the Hive

Leveling the Hive

Getting the Feeder Ready

Gearing Up – We Probably didn’t Even Need It!

Checking out the Bees

Getting Ready to Pull Out the Queen

The Queen In Her Lair

Setting the Queen

Pouring the Bees In

The Bee Are In

Checking to Make Sure All Is Okay


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3 Responses to WE MADE IT!!!! $9,000!!!!

  1. dan holzmiller says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Congrats on makeing the kick start goal! That is fantastic!
    Dan Holzmiller

  2. Connie Holzmiller says:

    Wow! Is that bee process interesting! Love the hive design. Hope all are productive and successfully pollinate your crops! C

  3. Congratulations! We look forward to following your progress, keep the blog updates coming!

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