Kickstarter Fundraiser

Hi Everyone,

The EcoRanch has had a great first week with our Kickstarter fundraiser:

You have donated $3766 to our project!  Thank you to our 28 backers and thank you to all those who have passed on our message.  We still have three weeks to go, April 24th is the deadline.  Some of you may not know that Kickstarter only works when the project goal is met.  That means if we don’t reach $9000, we don’t get a dime.  So, please, help donate and help spread the word in the next few weeks and help us reach our goal!  Choose an incentive, name our chickens, name our vegetable beds, or go on a guided trip through Northern Arizona.

Thanks again for all your support in the EcoRanch, our message, and our fundraiser.


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