Great information on rethinking our food system.

The Manhattan TEDx conference that just aired a few days ago is spectacular.  It will really stimulate the way you think about growing, eating, and living with food.  Watch, learn, and find new ways that you can get involved in the food system.  How can you reduce your impact?  Where can you plant a garden?  How can we fight back from a $2 billion/yr advertising industry marketing junk food to children?  How can we change our social norms to reduce disease, increase health, and improve the quality of life for everyone; rural, urban, suburban, above or below the poverty line, developing or developed countries?  Spread the knowledge…get involved….make a change…find something within your means and get engaged.  Improving your community around you will ultimately improve your quality of life and those around you…so even if it is for selfish reasons, your actions will positively influence those around you.  Remember, even inaction is an action and if we choose to not act, in a technological world with so much information at our fingertips, we do a disservice to ourselves and those in need.

Changing the Way We Eat

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