Winter Settles In


Aside from plowing the driveway, shoveling the walkways, and trying to fight the never ending battle of ice dams on the roof, most of our outside work has come to a close.  The chickens are still laying, giving us at least one egg a day.  Apparently they don’t like clean water because they keep filling their water dish with dirt and hay…I guess I am a poor learner because I keep cleaning it out every day.

The hoop house took quite a hit  with some strong winds followed by freezing temperatures.  We lost some radishes and collard greens, but the carrots, endive, and kale are hanging on…only one more day until the days get longer!

The EcoRanch Pot Luck was cancelled due to a foot and a half of snow.  It’s hard to show your accomplishments when they are covered by snow.  No problem, it will all still be there when the weather warms up in Spring.  We’ll still be looking for donations via paypal and grant writing during the winter.

We finally finished another month of water savings data and have three graphs to illustrate our use.  If you have questions or ideas, please let us know.  I am trying to build something now that will collect snow melt and reduce the ice damming.  Please stay tuned for pictures.

Flagstaff EcoRanch Monthly Water Savings Monthly Gallons Water Saved Per Person Normal Toilet Use vs Sustainable Use


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