Scrambled Eggs

The golden made herself at home today by laying the first EcoRanch egg while I took a nap in the chicken coop and Nova drooled over our delicious, feathery friends.

Kara arrived last night and will be here for a few months working as an intern.  Not only will she be using her permaculture skills to develop a site plan for the EcoRanch but she will be helping fundraise, incorporate vermiculture techniques, help care for the plants and chickens, develop sustainable curriculum, and get involved wherever she can.

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5 Responses to Scrambled Eggs

  1. Garbage Gardens says:

    Dude! Chickens in the coop! I’m so excited! Look at them all hoppin up on the branches and shit! Yes! And you got an egg. I would say you should hang it on the wall and frame it, but that might get gross so you might as well eat it. You, my friend, are officially farming. Congratulations.

    Never get sheep. Or guinea hens. Read something by Joel Salatin!

    love, Josh

  2. Love the egg shot. I’d be thrilled, too!

  3. LarryDom says:

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