NicKevry Trail

What a stellar crew!  From the left; Steven from LA, Nico from Virginia, Kenny from Philadelphia, Stephanie from France.  My first four WWOOFers and they have worked extremely hard for the last few days.  They are always in good spirits and ready to work.  I thought the trail going up the hill behind the house would take at least five days…it only took them two.  Cleaning up all the layers of pine needles in a 30ft radius around the house only took ~60 garbage bags and a days worth of work.

We have spent time together over dinners and work chatting, discussing literature, politics, the environment, and families while sharing stories and just having the time to be ourselves.  Unfortunately, Steven leaves tomorrow to do conservation work in Flagstaff and Stephanie will leave for Montreal for a month before returning to France to visit her family and friends.  They will be missed but always have an open invitation.

Kenny, Nico, and I await a few more WWOOFers that arrive mid-October.  We have plenty to keep us busy though.  More wood cutting for the winter, finishing the fence, and preparing for a sustainable botany class project from NAU.  Dr. Peggy Pollack will be bringing her students here to build a hoop house they are designing and we need to get the soil and base ready for the install.

We look forward to having you come out and join us if and whenever you have time.

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